Bigger Bike Hire In Phuket

Want To Rent A Big Bike In Phuket?

Phuket is a great place to explore. The roads less travelled are definitely made for big bikes and hiring one can be a great adventure. If you are an avid biker then you would surely love hiring a big bike in Phuket. However riding a big bike takes quite a bit of expertise, keep the following things in mind when renting a big bike in Phuket.

  • big bike rental phuketAlways make sure that you are wearing the correct safety gear. This includes the helmet, elbow pads and the knee pads.
  • A motorcycle jacket comes in pretty handy. It helps cushion your body in case of an accident or a fall. Make sure to wear a motorcycle jacket when riding a heavy bike.
  • Always make sure you follow the road signs and never go over the speed limit. This will greatly reduce any chances of an accident. Even when the road appears relatively clear it’s not advisable to speed your heavy bike.
  • Don’t pay attention to anything which might distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. Phuket is known to be the fifth biggest accident prone places in Thailand.

Things You Will Need When Renting Big Bikes

Renting a big bike in Phuket can become relatively easier if you keep the below mentioned things in mind

  • You need to have a Thai motorbike driving license. Often driving without a valid license can get you into trouble with the local police.
  • Always make sure to borrow a safety helmet from the people who rent you the bike. They are bound to have some and you shouldn’t be riding without one anyways.
  • Some scooter rentals might ask for an original copy of your passport. If you are a first timer you would probably feel a bit skeptical about this. Here at Phuket Motorbike Rental we only require a photocopy of your passport.
  • Make sure you hire a bike from a known dealer, one who has got a good reputation, like ourselves.

Big Bikes For Rent

There are some amazing big bikes for hire in Phuket. Some of these are:

Harley Davidson Road King

Harley Davidson bikes are meant for highway cruising. All these bikes have an engine of over 700cc. The Harley Davidson Road King is the envy of all heavy bikers. The twin cam engine e makes it a dream ride which has more power and more torque then previous models. The wide set handle bars give it a classic look which provides maximum comfort as well. The detachable windshield allows for quite a safe ride. The windshield can protect you from the sudden sand storms which often blow up on highways. On a cool and clear day remove the detached windscreen and let the cool breeze hit your face.

The standard cruise control makes it easy to maneuver despite it being a really heavy bike. Besides the heavenly engine the road king also has more compartments in hidden places. This means that the bike retains its sleek look despite all the additional space it may be providing the biker. Now you can out all your stuff on the go and wouldn’t have to worry about it falling off on the journey.

Ducati Street Fighter 848

The street fighter is any bikers dream come true. With its super charged engine and stylish design this model from Ducati is pretty irresistible. The sturdy frame provides easy handling so riding a motorbike is just pure fun. Like all previous Ducati models this one too has a sleek and stylish look about it. It’s just not pure eye candy but gives a performance to match. The street fighter promises a ride which is both smooth and enjoyable. At 849 cc the liquid cooled engine provides great mileage.

There are also a few other models of heavy bikes available for rent in Phuket. These bikes are not for the fait hearted and you need to have a lot of experience to even think about hiring one of these bikes. 

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