Honda Click vs Honda Forza

How Does The Honda Click Compare With The Honda Forza? 

Undecided which motorbike if for you? Whether you should go for a Honda Click or a Honda Forza? Making a decision is easier when you know what features do each of these bikes have.

Let’s take a look at the Honda Click first.

Honda Click Features

honda click for hireThe Honda Click 125cc comes along with the following features.

  • An advanced eSP system which means that it comes equipped with an advanced technology which is what sets it apart from other Honda models. It provides a high power and an even higher efficiency which when paired with its quiet start and economical mileage makes it’s a great choice.
  • It has a PGM-FI built in liquid cooled engine. This is one of the reasons why it has such an efficient mileage of 64.3 km/ liter.
  • An Idling Stop System makes fuel saving even easier while using a Honda Click. The stop idle technology which switches the engine after every 3 seconds that the scooter’s been stationary can help save a great deal on the fuel. However that’s not all once you feel you are ready to go all you have got to do is twist the throttle and you are ready to go in less than a second.
  • It’s combined break system where both the front and back wheels can be stopped with a little squeeze of the left brake.
  • The Honda Click is also equipped with larger tires which make up for a safe and comfy ride. The tubeless tires provide a better traction when compared to other Honda models.
  • Scared of losing your latest scooter to theft, rest assured the built in magnetic key shutter can help prevent instances of theft.
  • The fact that the Honda Click has a modern design and is easy on the eyes is another factor which sets it apart from other motorbikes. Its futuristic design and classy exterior give of a stylish image.
  • The LED headlights are 80% more efficient in the dark and can help reduce chances of accidents which happen ever so often while driving in the dark.

Who Is The Honda Click Great For?

The Honda Click is best for those who are looking for an energy efficient motorbike which is environment friendly as well, one which is a pleasure to look at and yet is economical at the same time. Looking for a machine which looks great and serves just as well, then look no further and get your hands on the new Honda click model.

The Honda Forza 300cc Features

honda forza rentalsThe Honda Forza is a perfect example of style meeting efficiency. The word forza literally means strength or power in Italian, and this offering by Honda sure is a powerful ride. It’s a scooter which is designed for two. It means that it can carry you and a passenger with relative ease, over the highway and in traffic jammed roads as well. The drive is smooth and is quite enjoyable because of the following features

  • The Honda Forza is equipped with plenty of power. It can be attributed to its liquid cool fuel injected 279cc engine. The forza has a great deal of power which makes it an ideal ride to be taken on highways.
  • The automatic CVT transmission means you don’t have to switch gears with the Honda Forza. It’s a simple case of start and go.
  • A safe and water resistant storage which is located beneath the seat of the Honda Forza. It’s big enough to accommodate around two helmets or a bagful of groceries.
  • The low 28 inch seat makes it quite accessible and that means just about anyone can enjoy a comfy ride on it. The seating is somewhat cruise like in fashion so you feel quite like the king of the road while travelling on the Honda Forza. Often the extra legroom is a bonus because it makes the distance travelled easier and more comfy.
  • Though the Forza appears to be wide it maneuvers easily in heavy traffic as well. The one sitting on the forza feels it works quite well despite being quite a heavy bike.
  • The motorbike gives great mileage as well which usually amounts to 62.0 mpg.

Who Can Benefit From Driving The Honda Forza

The Honda Forza with its typical good quality, spacious leg room and a great storage option is a wonderful bike for someone whose always on the go or running around on errands. The extra storage space means you can stuff all your belongings under the seat and concentrate on the ride only. The efficient mileage makes it a dream for those who are always on a budget.

Both scooters from Honda offer great features, however it is up to the individual to get one which suits their needs.