Motorbike Hire Karon - What Can You Expect From Us?

If you're trying to find a motorbike rental in Karon beach then you've found the right place. We are the choice provider of scooter rentals in Karon and we bring them to your doorway cost-free, wherever your hotel room is in Karon. We provide a detailed range of bikes for motorbike hire in Karon or scooter rental in Karon, from 110cc to 300cc. Once you are finished with the bike rent in Karon, we will come and collect it from you again. There certainly is no doubt that we're the best Karon bike shop! Just call +66963825150 and arrange your motorbike hire now.

Renting Scooters In Karon Beach - What Do You Need To Provide?motorbike rental karon

Karon motorbike rental prices start from 250 Baht each day for a 110/125cc with high discount rates made available for Karon bike hire periods upwards of 7 days. We do not need to keep your passport but rather just take a photo of it when we deliver the Karon bike rental to you. As well as that we will also need a retainer of 3000 Baht, or the equivalent in any currency, which is totally refundable when we collect the bike from you when you are finished with the scooter hire in Karon, subject to the motorcycle being returned in the same state.

Renting A Bike In Karon - What Can You Do?

There is plenty for you to do when you choose to rent a motorbike in Karon. The tropical island is fabulous to ride all over on a Karon scooter hire and there certainly are lots of things for you to visit. Renting a motorbike in Karon Beach honestly will be among the best decisions you ever make whilst you are in Phuket. Whether you are renting a scooter in Karon to ride up and take a look at the Big Buddha or hiring scooters in Karon to drop in and see the amazing beaches further south, neither opportunity is in excess of 15 minutes away.  So, theoretically, you could do the two within an hour or 2 and also while away some time there to enjoy the scenes around Phuket.

Rent A Scooter In Karon - Enjoy The Freedom of Scooter Hire Karon

Hiring scooters in Karon has certainly never been more convenient. Remember that we will not only bring the Karon scooter rental to your resort, but we will also pick it up again when you are done with it. Just contact +66963825150 and advise us what you require and we will bring it right to your hotel. Absolutely carefree for you, on your holidays. What extra would you ask for?

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