Getting A Motorbike License In Phuket

How Do You Get A Motorbike License In Phuket?

Looking to spending an enjoyable time vacationing in Phuket? Wouldn’t you just love to explore all the wonderful sights which Phuket has to offer? Well if you would love careening around without a care in the world and without having to worry about paying exorbitant sums to tuk tuks than renting a motorbike in Phuket is the right way to go about it.

phuket driving license centre Most people however are often confused when it comes to renting a scooter. They aren’t sure about the documents which they might need in order to rent one. Its pretty simple, just keep the following documents handy this will help you rent a scooter much faster and without any hassle.

You might need

  • A copy of your passport (though most scooter rentals might ask for an original don’t be too hasty and hand it over. Here at Phuket Motorbike Rental we only require a photocopy/photo of your passport.
  • Your driving license (preferably Thai), any license whether car or scooter would do. However you should keep in mind that the local police might from time to time ask tourists to show their license.
  • This is simply their way of keeping law and order. Being polite will get you extra brownie points.
  • A helmet is necessary especially when you are driving along the busy roads. Phuket ranks among the top 5 places in Thailand which have the highest accident rate. It’s always better to be careful

Before Getting A License

Keep in mind that getting a Thai driving license for foreigners requires some paperwork and a valid and recent medical certificate. Those who are travelling as tourists might be able to obtain a temporary two year license.

Why Get A Thai Driving License

It would be wise to keep the following things in mind when driving a motorbike in Phuket

  • It is considered illegal to ride a bike in Phuket especially if you don’t have a license.
  • A driving license which is not valid could possibly get you in a spat with the local police. You wouldn’t want to spoil your vacation by driving with an illegal license.
  • Getting a Thai license is pretty cheap. It’s usually about 250 Baht and about 4-5 hours of time.
  • A driving license can help gain you entry in the local amusement parks free of cost.

General Guidelines For Obtaining A Motorcycle License In Phuket

These few general guidelines can help you secure a license earlier than expected

  • Since getting a license can be pretty tedious it’s always good to remain cool and calm at all times. 
  • Polite words and a ready smile will earn you quite a few brownie points and make the tedious task somewhat easier.
  • You might need to give a multiple choice exam in English along with watching a video for traffic rules in Thailand and would need to show a completely ordered paper work.
  • A valid international driving lesson can exempt you from the exam. If you have one make sure to show it to your instructor.
  • Your car license can’t double as your motorbike license , it would require you giving spate exams to obtain both.
  • You might have to show your passport with a non immigrant visa stamped on it along with your current residential address which needs to be verified by Thai officials. A rental contract from the landlord of the place where you are currently living.
  • A health certificate is also needed that can be obtained from a doctor prior to going for your driving license.
  • The officials will take a digital photo which will be inscribed on your driving license. However it is mandatory that women are not dressed in sleeveless outfits for these photographs.

A trip to the Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office is required when you first need to get a motorbike license. You can ask around for directions or simply make your way across the Ratankosin Song Rai Road. The opposite side of the road is where the office is actually located.

Getting A License

  • Make sure you reach the office before 8 o clock. Arriving late means having to wait around more.
  • Make your way towards the information desk and fill in the form handed over to you.
  • You will then be guided towards a room where they perform eye tests and reaction tests.
  • After these tests you will be shown a video on the Thai highway code. Yawn… Later on you will be required to complete a multiple choice exam.
  • If you pass that then you are required to do the actual driving test consisting of a short ride around the track that is on site. If you fail that then you really should not be on a bike in the first place!
  • Once you pass the tests you need to take your signed documents, after which your picture would be taken and you would become the rightful owner of a 2 year Thai driving license.

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