Motorbike Safety Gear In Phuket

Motorbike Safety Gear In Phuket

 Driving a motorbike in Phuket requires you to pay special attention to safety gear. Most people drive their scooters without helmets. However in the recent years the local Thai police have become all the more strict for tourists who drive a bike without their helmet. No matter how many locals you might see without a helmet it’s always wise that you wear one at all time.

How To Buy The Best Motorbike Gear In Phuket?

phuket safety helmetGetting a motorbike gear can help save you from trouble. In case of an accident a sturdy gear can help save your life. According to the Transportation Safety Administration riders who ride without a safety helmet are more than 40% at risk of suffering a fatal head injury. Don’t be a statistic, be smart.

Choosing A Helmet

When buying a helmet keep the following things in mind

  • The helmet should be a perfect fit. How do you know if the helmet fits you well? It’s pretty simple. The helmet should grip your cheeks and the sides of your face. It shouldn’t come lose or can be a cause of distraction.
  • Always buy full face helmets they offer better protection then the three quarters or half helmets.
  • Avoid buying a used helmet you never know but often wear and tear can reduce the safety of a helmet.

Buying The Best Motorcycle Boots

Make sure the shoes that you buy have all the following features

  • The sole should be made from stiff rubber. A sturdy sole can help you from falling over when your foot encounters elements like sand or water. Similarly a high heeled pair offers you a better grip as well.
  • Though most motorcycle boots are well made, there are a few which are further reinforced at the shin and knee areas. The protection may be in the form of a strong material like Kevlar. This will help keep your legs safe from any injury in case of an accident or a crash.
  • Choose boots which are comfortable. Comfortable boots make up for pleasant rides. Since Phuket is so very beautiful it’s no wonder you would like to explore as much of it as possible. Make sure you buy comfortable boots when you buy motorbike gear in Phuket. A custom made pair can cost anywhere from $150 to $200.
  • Some people are smart enough to use armor as well. The armor can be adjusted into the jacket and can cushion you from any fall.
  • Don’t let the hot weather deter you from wearing protective motorcycle gear, though it may sound like a killjoy, wearing motorcycle gear can save your life.

Motorbike Safety Rules In Phuket

  • When riding your motorbike in Phuket make sure that you drive on the left side and not on the right. Following this simple safety rule can save you from a great deal of trouble. Though the locals can be seen driving just about anywhere, don’t follow their example. Chances are you are most likely to be stopped by the local police because you are a foreigner disobeying their laws.
  • Insist on getting a helmet from the motorbike rental when you hire a motorbike. The Thai police are big on wearing helmets.
  • If the motorbike rental asks for your original passport be weary. However some rentals are satisfied with a copy of your passport only.

Buying the correct protective gear can help save you a great deal of trouble. Make sure to check out a few shops in Phuket which sell protective gear. Never compromise on quality and buy stuff which looks and feels sturdy.

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