Motorbike Tours And Places To Visit In Phuket

Motorbike Tours And Places To Visit In Phuket 

Phuket is a great place for motorbike tours. If you haven’t booked or rented your motorbikes in Phuket it’s time you do so pronto. It is actually a biker’s heaven and offers a wide variety of different terrains for you to ride your bike. Seasoned bikers love touring the uneven terrains of roads which are far less travelled by regular tourists.

phuket attractions mapIf you are new in Phuket and would like to explore all the beautiful views which it has to offer then look no further. We have compiled a list of the few best places which are a must see on a motorbike tour. Read on to see which place catches your fancy? Below is the list in no specific order of preference.

The Best Places In Phuket To Visit On A Motorbike

These are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Phuket.

The Big Buddha

One of the most famous landmarks, Big Buddha is a great tourist attraction as well as being a place of religious importance to followers of Buddhism. As the name suggest the Big Buddha towers around 45 meters in height and is 25 meters wide. What’s so amazing about the Gint Buddha is that you can see it from afar as soon as you make your way on the motorbike from Kata To Chalong. Definitely not a sight to be missed!

Promthep Cape

The most photographed sight in the whole of Phuket, Promthep Cape is a quaint and lovely hill where throngs of tourists on bikes or in tourists bus throng to view the beautiful sunset. The hilltop also boasts a busy car park where most people leave their vehicles to observe the beautiful sight of the sun setting. However that’s not all that there is to Promthep it also accommodate a lighthouse which consists of amazing artifacts of historical value.

Monkey Mountain

If you like all things quirky then you are going to love the Monkey Mountain where hundreds of monkeys flock to eat the peanuts given by the tourists. It’s a location which is pretty accessible by bike and can be reached easily if you know the right directions. Usually the moneys are fed fruits and nuts by the locals. This keeps the monkey’s happy and they are used to having people look at them and take pictures. So you can get some family photographs which the kids would always cherish. 

Phuket Fantasea

The phuket fantasia is an interesting cultural park. It’s a great way of getting to know Thailand’s cultural heritage. It blends the exotic with the historical. The result of which is amazingly scenic and wonderful sights. It is a sort of a carnival village which has a variety of shows along with games, shopping and cultural events. It also boasts a 4000 seat restaurant which offers a variety Thai cuisine. There is also a large scale theatrical show which can rival any extravagant vegas show with its state of the art technology and stunning visuals.

Cape Panwa Viewpoint

The cape Panwa viewpoint offers a spectacular view of southern and eastern Phuket. Unlike Cape Promthep, it’s not really that busy but however it is assumed to be just as stunning. It boasts a two level view tower which also contains a few maps so that you get to know what exactly you are looking at. Definitely a place to visit with the family, the cape Panwa is accessible by motorbikes as well. You can even glimpse the Big Buddha from here, along with other famous landmarks. A treat for the eyes, cape Panwa is a must see place in Phuket.

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