Motorbike Rental Patong - What You Can Anticipate From Us?

If you're looking out for a motorbike rental in Patong beach then look no further. We are the prime supplier of scooter rentals in Patong and we supply to your doorway free of charge, irrespective of where your resort is in Patong. We feature a full range of motorcycles for motorbike hire in Patong or scooter rental in Patong, from 110cc to 300cc. When you are finished with the bike rent in Patong, we will arrive and pick it up from you again. There certainly is no doubt that we are leading motorbike rental Patong bike shop! Just call ust+66963825150 and arrange your motorbike hire now.

Renting Scooters In Patong Beach - What Do You Need To Provide?motorbike-rental-patong-beach

Patong motorbike rental prices begin with 250 Baht per day for a 110/125cc with great savings made available for Patong bike hire periods higher than seven days. We do not need to hold on to your passport but alternatively just take a photo of it when we deliver the Patong bike rental to you. Together with that we always take a retainer of 3000 Baht, or the equivalent in any foreign remuneration, which is entirely refundable when we collect the bike from you when you are finished with the scooter hire in Patong, subject to the bike being received in the very same condition.

Renting A Bike In Patong - What Is There For You To Do?

There is lots for you to do when you make up your mind to rent a motorbike in Patong. The region is fabulous to drive about on a Patong scooter hire and there certainly are so many things for you to visit. Renting a motorbike in Patong Beach truly will be one of the best moves you ever make when you are in Phuket. Regardless if you are renting a scooter in Patong to ride up and discover the Big Buddha or hiring scooters in Patong to go and see the breathtaking beaches farther south, neither option is much more than fifteen minutes away so theoretically you can do the two in less than an hour or 2 and enjoy some time there to absorb the views around Phuket.

Rent A Scooter In Patong - Delight in The Flexibility of Scooter Hire Patong

Hiring scooters in Patong has certainly never been less complicated. Keep in mind that we will not only drop off the Patong scooter rental to your resort, but we will also collect it once when you are finished with it. Just give us a call on +66963825150 and tell us what you need and we'll bring it right to your residence. Truly care free for you, on your holidays. What better can you ask for?

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